Rokk Man: The Barber You Want To Know

Rokk Man: The Barber You Want To Know.

At Rokk Man, you’ll find all of the perks of a modern Barber: Chill tunes, a laid-back atmosphere and a rather generous range of alcohol. Three very friendly and knowledgeable dudes man the shop (Rob, Ben – my guy, and Jordan) who are ready to tend to any need you have – if it’s a simple trim, a mad fade or cutthroat shave. You’re also able to book an appointment with a dude you prefer, have a decent cup of coffee while you’re there, and (one of my favourites) a super relaxing hair wash afterwards.

Ben, Rob and Jordon
Ben, Rob and Jordon

It was late last year when I met Rob Ferlaino, owner of Rokk Man. He had just launched his new venture, and introduced himself to me as I was working in the area. Many months later, I’m proud to say I am a loyal client of this quirky old-world barber shop located in Collins Place, Melbourne. Only recently I was talking to some of my Melbourne mates who really take care of themselves (some who are frequently featured on my social media), and I realized that I was not the only one who has discovered this new gem – literally most of the stylish men of Melbourne frequent the establishment! It seems like Rob, Ben and Jordan have earned the respect of the guys I respect, and it’s easy to see why.

Rob messing with my hair
Rob messing with my hair

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Rob for a coffee and had him answer some questions that were on my mind:

What first inspired you to cut hair?
Well, I grew up around the trade. My father was a successful Hairdresser and Barber, and it was around the age of 15 that my own real passion began to build. Not long after I first held a pair of cutting scissors, I found myself at home after school cutting my mates hair, and soon realised that I had found my true calling.

How long before you realized that you wanted to pursue a career as a Barber?
I’ve always had an interest in classic hairstyles, traditional cutting methods, male grooming and fashion. It wasn’t until around four years ago (and after a successful career in the hairdressing industry) that I decided to specialize in the fine art of traditional male grooming.

What is Rokk Man Barbers doing differently?
Our initial success has grown from our innovative concept – fusing old world masculinity and cutting techniques with our fresh, modern approach.
We are not just thinking about our clients’ hair, we’re also getting to know them – their lifestyle, what they wear. We are creating a welcoming environment that suits all ages and professions. Our focus with every client is not only to ensure they leave our barbershop with a great haircut, but with confidence and knowledge as well.

Jordon McKenny, Rob Ferlaino, Ben Kane

Who is your main clientele?
Rokk Man is only five months old, and we are already seeing men from all walks of life coming through the door. However, the thing these diverse men share is a passion for grooming and style. Even though we are a collaborative team, we all have our unique approach to our art. This allows us to create such a dynamic barber environment and connect with anyone who walks in.

What hair mistakes do us regular dudes commonly make?
The most common is that guys overuse their hair products. Less is more! Although to be honest, I am generally quite impressed with the overall efforts Melbourne men are putting into their appearance and hair style.

If you could give any styling advice to the guys reading this interview, what would it be?
Always maintain your beard. Ensure you’re using the right product for your hair style, and make sure your personal style matches your ‘do. Lastly, men are often embarrassed to have different products for different occasions – this isn’t a crime!

Rob Ferlaino and his crew definitely know what they are doing. I am looking forward to seeing what the future holds for his venture, and if you’re a local to Melbourne – I think you’ve just found the Barber you’ve been looking for.



Rob Ferlaino, Steve Calder

Steve Calder, captured by Elizabeth Kinnaird
Steve Calder, hair styled by Rob Ferlaino and captured by Elizabeth Kinnaird