About the Author

Hi, my name is Steve. Welcome to my website. It’s truly an honour to have you reading my content!


It all began when I fell into the retail industry at age 15, and after realizing my passion for Menswear and people, I have been living and breathing the tailored life ever since.

Ten years and many different achievements later (including Zegna Made-To-Measure school in Switzerland), I find myself selling and styling Made-To-Measure garments at one of the biggest and best family owned luxury menswear brands in the world. After two years of imparting this very personalized and professional service to all kinds of gentlemen: young, old, big, small, average and powerful – I have felt a growing desire to shift some of my creative energy into the online world.

After a year of running an increasingly successful Instagram page (@stevecalder), I felt starting a blog as the next natural step. Join me on this journey of discovery, as I delve into Menswear – Melbourne Style.

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