Wide Lapels Are The Way Of The Future:

“There is a kind of confidence, a sureness of ones self…”

Jared Acquaro A Poor Mans Millions with Steve Calder Melbourne Fashion
Photo of Me by Kim Donggwan of @looongblack

A few years ago when my own “Sartorial Revolution” was well underway, I was trawling street style photos online one day. I stumbled upon a few photos of dudes hanging around Pitti Uomo wearing suits and blazers with huge lapels. I instantly fell in love with this rather classic, manly and visualy pleasing sartorial detail, and have embraced it with a passion ever since.

Lapo Elkann Menswear Melbourne Mens Fashion
My inspirations: Lapo Alkann.
Melbourne Mens Fashion Inspiration The Melbourne Style Chiaia Napoli
My inspirations: Alfonso De Francesco and Gennaro ANnunziata of CHIAIA Napoli.
Manolo Costa The Melbourne Style Mens Fashion Inspiration
My inspirations: Manolo Costa, CHIAIA Napoli and Lapo Alkann.
Steve Calder Melbourne Mens Fashion Inspiration Suitsupply The Melbourne Style
A photo of myself wearing one of my favourite wide lapel suits

There is a kind of confidence, a sureness of ones self when wearing a garment that has such presence that makes the “skinny” lapel trend look wimpy and insignificant – a thought that most local Australian designers are still struggling to come to terms with.

Ermenegildo Zegna Suit Melbourne Menswear Inspiration The Melbourne Style
Double Breasted jacket from my instagram archives by Ermenegildo Zegna

Alas, there is still hope! Slowly but surely this classic style is taking hold – starting with the Avant Gardes abroad a long while back (some of them never leaving this design behind since the last wide lapel outburst), and filtering through stylish local tailors whose clients request the design. After a couple of seasons of rest to let the new style sink into the market, new local brands wanting to make their mark on the scene (M.J. Bale is an example of this) finally popularise the trend and drag the rest of the local menswear world kicking and screaming out of last decade’s design aesthetic.

Some local brands I would recommend if you’re looking to cop a pair of wide lapels in nonspecific order:

M.J. Bale

Oscar Hunt

Henry Bucks

Patrick Johnson


Luxury Menswear brands accessible in Australia worth checking out for wide lapels:


Tom Ford

Ermenegildo Zegna

Giorgio Armani

Happy hunting!

Steve Calder


One thought on “Wide Lapels Are The Way Of The Future:

  1. Congrats on the new blog Steve.
    I hear you on the lapel width! Wider lapels was certainly a must have for my last suit purchase, and I ended up going with M.J. Bale. Another brand I noticed with “proper” lapels is TM Lewin. Granted they’re not Australian but really have a growing prescence in Australia and offer a half canvass suit with wider lapels and various fabrics for under $500. I walk past politix daily and can’t believe how skinny the lapels are in their window display. I thought that trend was over!

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